15 Best Android Screen Recorder Apps with Audio (2020)

Best Screen recorder apps: Screen recording is basically used for making YouTube Android tutorial videos by taking live video screenshots of the Android device. Most of the users do not want to use an external camera for the computer in order to record the screen. Hence, screen recorder tools are the best way to screen record your Android device. These 15 Best Screen Recorder Apps for Android will help you record your live gaming, video, Vlog experience in HD.

Not all Android screen recorder apps are supported in every version of the Android Operating System. So in case you are using Android 7.0 Nougat then use the latest screen recording apps in this article for fluid video recording. Some of these apps are also compatible with android rooted devices. Each and every screen recording tool are having different features along with various common features, choose your preferred screen recording tools for your Android Nougat device.

Best Android Screen Recorder Apps 2019

Screenshot and screen recording other ways to share your Android screen with others by capturing them. A screenshot can be done without any external tools in Android devices, but in case of screen recording, you need to use various third-party screen recording tools. All of the below Best Android Screen recorder apps are free and available on Google Play Store. Just click on download to install free screen recording apps for Android.

App NameDownload URL
Mobizen Screen RecorderDownload
AZ Screen RecorderDownload
V RecorderDownload
My Screen RecorderDownload
Screen RecorderDownload
Game Screen RecorderDownload
Super Screen RecorderDownload
Master Screen RecorderDownload
Mobi Screen RecorderDownload
GO RecorderDownload
ScreenCam Screen RecorderDownload
Google Play GamesDownload
PlayCast Game Screen Recorder

Free Android Screen Recorders with Audio

From the above list, there are a few Android screen recorders that doesn’t have the audio option. This means, users can only record Video and not Audio. This is a huge loss for gamers, YouTubers and tech enthusiasts. Usually for recording audio, we need an extra mic attached. But the below free android screen recorders with audio have built in mic.

ScreenCam Screen Recorder

ScreenCam Screen Recorder is available for free and it does not give you any annoying ads in the user interface of the application. This application is also having several extra features which enable you to change the video bitrate, frame rate which can be set up to 60fps and you can also change the recording resolution according to your preference.

This application provides you with floating widgets which let you control the recordings of your Android screen. Although this application is not have been picture-in-picture feature, so basically you cannot record with both front and back camera altogether.

YouTube Gaming (Discontinued)

If you are a gamer and trying to upload videos on YouTube of the gameplay of your Android device then this application is perfect for you. YouTube Gaming gives you all you need in a single app; you can get the video resolution up to 720p.

The application is directly integrated to the YouTube so you can share the videos directly into your YouTube channel without separately uploading it. Not only you can screen record games but, you can install anything running on your Android screen and you can use the editing tool for changing few basics before uploading it in YouTube channel.

Google Play Games

In case you are not interested in using third-party screen recording applications, then you can easily screen record your Android devices by using the Google Play games application. For launching this recording session, you need to go to the game info page and simply select the record icon. You can record videos in either 480p or 720p resolution.

We have collected the complete information about the best and supported screen recording tools for Android Nougat and provided them in this article for you. Share this useful article with other Android users, so that they get to use the best screen recording tools on their Android devices.

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