Best Root Apps For Hacking Games

Remember the time when you used to beg your parents for their phones so that you could play your favorite games UNITERRUPTED. Those days your parents had to pry the phones away from your hands after countless “Just 5 more minutes” or “I am about to break a record”. These days you have an unlimited supply of mobile games to keep you entertained many lifetimes over.

There is a catch however most games ruin the experience by showing ads incessantly. And what do you have to do to get rid of these pesky ads. Why buy the full version of course, which gives you an ad free experience along with the promise of several hidden features meant to delight you.

When all these costs add up, they tend leave a pretty big dent in your accounts. What if we told you that there are game hacking apps that let you get the full version without costing a single cent. Do we have your interest yet? Without further ado here is a list of those apps.

SB Game Hacker can hack almost any Android games, provided they work offline. It can hack some online games but works best with offline games . You can also increase your cash, stash, coins etc via hacking. Cool huh.


This app works only on rooted devices. So you need to root your device before using this app. It works on online and offline games. It lets you level up, get more money and comes with an easy interface and supports multiple languages. It can bypass all in app pay requirements and allows for unlimited in app purchases.

Leo Play Card

Once you open an application and enable Leo Play Card you can bypass any paywall and make any changes you want to your game-more lives, coins. It lets you have it all. And the best part is you don’t have to root your phone to get it.

Game Killer

Lets you modify or hack gems, coins, and other in game aspects to your liking. It is known for using the memory modifying technique and is compatible with a wide range of android games. It can hack virtually any game but modifying paid games is a bit tricky. It needs Android Root Access.


Lets you alter video games and get a significant leg up. The app allows you to influence various aspects of online games. You can gain more coins, tilt circumstances in your favor. It requires Android Rooting.

Basically these apps let you become like Neo in the matrix, you can change anything whenever you want, however you want.


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