Best Root Apps to Crack WiFi

Ever fancied yourself as a hacker. Sitting in a dimly lit room somewhere, wrecking havoc on the lives of millions, doling out justice or just getting even with those who have wronged you. Hacking is a fantasy for many, we all things our lives would be much more easier if only we could hack our problems away. See what I did there.

So lets start with something small, getting free WiFi. I mean who doesn’t want free WiFi. You don’t have to be a whiz with computers in order to obtain some free WiFi for yourselves. there are plenty of apps that let you that. We have tested these app extensively and bring you the best among them.

Aircrack-ng-It might not be path breaking when it comes to WiFi hacking apps but it gets the job done. Plus its a great way to learn about rudimentary WiFi hacking. Unfortunately it is not available on Google Play Store but you can get it from Git Hub.

WIFI WPS WPA Tester- Lets you know if your WiFi is vulnerable to external threats. WPS is a mechanism present in many routers to simplify the connection of any device to a WiFi network when we don’t know its password. However, to be able to connect to that router, this function needs to be enabled.

Here’s how it works the smartphone or tablet transmits a number code to the router, an 8-digit PIN, and the latter sends back data to be able to connect. This app does a quick scan and notifies of you potential networks ready to be hacked. This app however works only for Root users as it requires super permission.

AndroDumpper Android- This app is supposed to diagnose your WiFi security letting you know of any potential red flags. What it really does is let you use a WiFi network without knowing its password. It has an inviting user interface unlike many of its contemporaries. For rooted devices it works with any system but for unrooted devices it is only compatible with Android 5 or above.

WPS Connect Android-This app was meant for educational purposes and uses the latest in technology to crack WiFi. However it only works on Android 4.2 or higher versions.


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