How to Root Android Device with King root

Have any of you heard the word root thrown around by your more tech-savvy friends? Leaving you shaking your head and wondering what it means. In this era of corporate takeover where companies like Google are forcing Android smartphone makers to add more of its app in return for access to Android Software.

Well, its only natural that many people don’t agree with Google’s hegemony or are unwilling to take it lying down. Maybe you simply want more control over your devices. Whatever the reason when you initiate root you get designated with superuser status.

Root is a tricky thing to pull of and it can go horribly wrong if not performed properly. Be warned though that by performing you render your warranty void. Also be sure to back up your data in case something untoward happens. Also, ensure that your device has at least 50% battery or your root might stop midway leaving your device in the lurch.

1. Download the program KingRoot then install it.

2. Plug in your phone to PC via a USB cable thereby connecting them. You will be asked to initiate debugging mode.

3. The program will then detect your phone and check whether it is supported.

4. Click on Start to Root to initiate the rooting process.

5. In this process, your mobile will restart itself, which is normal. Then a message will flash on your screen “Successfully Gained Root” indicating your device is now rooted.

Here’s how you can root your device with Android Root App.

  1. Install King Root on your Android phone. Tap the icon of KingRoot to start the app. You will see the following message flash on your screen “Root access is unavailable”

2. Then click on the button “START ROOT”.

3. During the rooting process, you can monitor the progress. After completion, you will see a big green tick icon indicating that rooting has been successful.


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